Pre-Marital Counseling

There is arguably nothing more important in this world than love and the close relationships we share in our lives. When we truly feel love and connection with our partner, it seems that every possibility is available to us.

However, each of us comes from an entirely different background. We were raised by individuals who also came from different backgrounds. And we must understand this not only in marriage but in all of our relationships.

Premarital Counseling in San Carlos, CA - Stan Graubart, MFTWhether we realize it or not, our experiences growing up caused us to make some decisions about relationships at an early age. If our relationships are to succeed, it is vital to discover what we learned.

Unfortunately, most people spend more time planning their wedding ceremony or honeymoon than they spend on the practicalities of making their relationship work and grow.

But open communication and planning is an integral part of not only making a relationship last, but for keeping the love and excitement alive throughout the years.

Fortunately, premarital counseling can help any couple openly communicate and effectively plan their future together.

What Is Premarital Counseling?

While the terms “counseling” and “therapy” are often used interchangeable, it’s important to note that premarital counseling is not psychotherapy.

Premarital counseling is designed to help couples learn the skills necessary to improve their communication and effectively plan a healthy, happy, and long-lasting marriage.

Premarital counseling can help you and your partner identify and share your desires, concerns, fears, values, and beliefs, as well as discuss any issues that may lead to relationship conflict in the future.

Some of the many questions premarital counseling can help your partner and you address together include:

  • Why do you want to get married? What’s motivating you?
  • Are you moving toward marriage or away from being single?
  • What are your expectations? What is the unstated contract you intend your partner to uphold?
  • How well do you know yourself and how well do you know your partner?
  • What is the cost to you to be in this relationship?

Premarital counseling can also help you:

  • Develop effective communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Openly discuss intimacy and sexual issues or concerns
  • Establish long-term goals for your life together

Pre-marital counseling can help you uncover the limiting beliefs you have about yourself in relationships and discover ways to change so that you and your partner can be there for each other, provide what you each need, and be at your best in good times and bad.

Ultimately, premarital counseling is about evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of a relationship prior to marriage in order for you and your partner to anticipate, and prepare for, conflicts and challenges that may arise down the road.

Should You Seek Premarital Counseling?

Without relationships, our lives remain stagnant. But when we engage with others and enter relationships with openness and curiosity, we bring ourselves to another person and allow them to bring themselves to us, enriching both lives in the process.

Open communication and asking difficult questions – acknowledging where and what types of problems might arise before they do – can be the key to a lifetime of love and happiness. Premarital counseling can not only help your partner and you ask the right questions, but answer them together openly and honestly.

Like other types of prevention, the best way to stop problems and issues from arising is to be pro-active.

If you want to create the best relationship possible and keep it strong for years to come, premarital counseling can be vital to your success.

I congratulate you on finding someone you want to share your life with. The next step is to make sure it will be the best life possible. Please contact me today at 650-595-2698 or to find out how pre-marital counseling can help ensure your marriage’s success.