Why Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy?

When we’re young, we usually think we know all the answers. But, as time passes, we often realize our expectations have changed. Even the questions themselves have changed.

What we once took for granted no longer seems to be the case. The things that brought meaning to our lives no longer bring us joy and fulfillment and relationships with intimate, partners, family members, colleagues, friends, and even ourselves don’t seem to work the way we thought they did.

Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy in San Carlos, CA - Stan Graubart, MFTRecognizing and accepting the need for change is a part of life. And it’s a necessity for anyone who wants to overcome recurring obstacles and move beyond unhelpful patterns of thought and behavior to create the relationships and life they desire.

But how do you know what needs to change? And once you’ve discovered what needs to change, how do you actually go about making these changes?

For better or worse, we live in a society that promotes self-reliance. While this definitely has its advantages, such a society can also lead people to feel inadequate when faced with problems or situations they seem unable to overcome on their own.

Such feelings of inadequacy often lead us to try to hide our problems while telling ourselves we can sort the issues out on our own. But even when we’re aware of what needs to be changed and we try to do things differently, all too often the same patterns creep back into our lives and begin repeating over and over again.

When we’re stuck we need help.

Professional counseling and psychotherapy involves a process of self-exploration and understanding that can help you not only determine what changes need to be made but also help you create the changes you seek.

The counseling and therapy services I provide offer a confidential, respectful, and empathic setting in which you can examine, discuss, and work through difficulties involving:

  • Anxiety and work-related stress/li>
  • Depression
  • Low self-esteem
  • Anger management
  • Relationship and communication difficulties (be they with intimate partners, friends, family members, or colleagues)
  • Alcoholism and chemical abuse
  • Financial and career-related concerns
  • Achieving a healthy balance between your personal and professional lives

How Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy Works

During our first couple of sessions, we’ll identify the problems that you’d like to address as well as determine the goals of our work together and the best methods of achieving them.

We’ll also discuss any negative symptoms you’re experiencing and work towards helping you cope with and minimize them as quickly as possible before moving further towards recognizing, understanding, and resolving the underlying issues that are their cause.

For example, if overwhelming anxiety or stress is causing problems in your personal and professional lives, we may start with some mindfulness-based stress reduction exercises to help you relax. Alternatively, if you’re struggling with severe depression, we may decide that having a psychiatrist prescribe anti-depressants is necessary before moving forward and exploring the underlying causes of your depression.

Of course, the treatment of any symptoms you’re experiencing will depend on the nature and severity of the symptoms themselves. If you haven’t been in therapy before, you’ll quickly find that there are no “one-size-fits-all” solutions and the nature of the work I do is unique to each client with whom I work.

Once any immediate symptoms have been dealt with, we’ll begin to identify, explore, and work through the subconscious thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and behaviors that are keeping you from enjoying the relationships and life you want.

As therapy progresses, you’ll learn to:

  • Recognize and challenge limiting belief systems
  • Take responsibility for your thoughts and actions
  • Change maladaptive behaviors to more adaptive ones
  • Overcome relationship issues by communicating more effectively
  • Increase your self-esteem
  • Resolve any family-of-origin issues or other problems left over from childhood
  • Move forward in life with confidence and optimism

Don’t get me wrong, professional counseling and psychotherapy is not about creating a perfect life! We’re all human, and we all make mistakes. Rather, as one client recently said to me, “Thanks to your help, my mistakes are no longer magnified.”

Therapy is an investment in your self-awareness, your ability to learn from your own mistakes and effectively navigate change, and your ability to create the best relationships and life you possibly can.

Is Psychotherapy the Right Choice for You?

I know it may seem hard to believe, but you can learn to turn any difficulties you face into opportunities for personal growth so you can feel confident in your abilities and optimistic about your future.

Having been a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for well over two decades, I’ve been witness to the positive, lasting changes my clients have created in their lives. In fact, this is the reason I feel privileged to do the work I love.

While therapy is rarely easy, if you’re ready and willing to be open and honest with yourself and committed to the process of self-healing and personal growth that professional counseling and psychotherapy offer, you can learn to create the relationships and life you desire… The benefits of individual counseling and therapy can be limitless!

Please feel free to call me at 650-595-2698, or e-mail me at stangraubart@comcast.net, with any questions you have or to schedule a free, initial consultation. I look forward to speaking with you.