Counseling for Older Adults and Seniors

It’s never too late to do everything you can to make sure you’re living the best life possible. And exploring your own self and your relationships through professional counseling and psychotherapy can be a wonderful undertaking at any age.

Counseling for Older Adults and Seniors in San Carlos, CA - Stan Graubart, MFTUnfortunately, many psychotherapists work with older adults and seniors as if they had the same needs as their adolescent and middle-aged patients. This is anything but the case.

While many older adults and seniors face issues similar to those of younger adults – such as anxiety, depression, stress, relationship difficulties, and family conflict – they also often face numerous difficulties that are unique to their age group:

  • Age-related prejudice at work
  • Adapting to retirement or the retirement of a spouse
  • Changing family roles
  • Financial issues
  • Loss of family members and friends
  • Decline in memory and cognitive functioning
  • Chronic pain and illness, disabilities, and other health challenges
  • Decisions about future housing and care
  • Issues related to mortality

Despite their being no reason why seniors can’t be happy, healthy, vivacious, and actively involved in their lives, depression, anxiety, and adjustment problems can and do surface. And lifelong emotional problems can make matters worse.

While seniors may face more challenges than younger people, I believe they come to those challenges with greater skill, perspective, and a wealth of life experience that can help them adapt, change, and improve their relationships and their lives for many years to come.

How Counseling and Psychotherapy Can Help

Professional counseling and psychotherapy is simply talking with a trained and licensed mental health professional in order to receive the support you need and resolve the specific problems you’re facing.

Working together, we’ll set goals for what you’d like to accomplish during our time together. These may include:

  • Maintaining active involvement and enjoyment in your relationships and your life
  • Maximizing your independence
  • Identifying and resolving the underlying causes of any anxiety or depression you’re experiencing
  • Changing unhelpful patterns of thought and behavior
  • Coping with feelings of grief and loss
  • Understanding your current situation and adjusting to your new lifestyle

Regardless of the issues you need help coping with and resolving, my approach to counseling and therapy will focus on your specific needs. I don’t provide cookie-cutter therapy.

Is Counseling and Therapy Right for You?

As you’re likely aware, few things (if any) in life come with a guarantee. And there’s no guarantee that counseling or psychotherapy will be right for you.

However, it’s not uncommon for just a few counseling and therapy sessions to be all that is needed to put challenges into perspective and move forward in life.

As an older adult who’s provided counseling and therapy services to countless individuals of my age, I can tell you that there’s no reason for your later years to be a time of decline and sadness.

Achieving health and wellness is an active process of becoming more aware of and making choices that allow you to lead a healthier, more rewarding, and more meaningful life.

Professional counseling and psychotherapy can help you overcome feelings of isolation, depression, and loss, dramatically improve your overall health, and maintain your independence to the greatest extent possible so you can move forward again in life and make sure your golden years are just that, golden!

To learn more about how the counseling and psychotherapy services I provide can help older adults and seniors, please feel free to contact me at 650-595-2698 or with any questions you have or to schedule a free consultation. I look forward to speaking with you.